March Client Spotlights


US Sailing

For first-time sailors, US Sailing ensures that they will learn from experienced and certified instructors who follow national guidelines and are trained using a nationwide curriculum. For sailing programs and one-design sailing organizations, US Sailing hosts networking events and symposiums that bring together experts who address the latest developments in these areas of the sport. Young sailors who are just starting out in the sport can learn about sailboat racing through one of many USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festivals organized by US Sailing and host organizations every year.

For racing sailors, US Sailing provides an equal level playing field by training and certifying race officials, judges, and umpires and by ensuring standardized rules and sailing instructions. For sailboat owners who enjoy competing in offshore events, US Sailing provides rating certificates such as IRC and ORR to enable boats of various sizes to compete against each other. Safety on the water is an essential part of US Sailing’s training programs, including powerboat courses. Their Safety at Sea Courses are required by many offshore regatta organizers. US Sailing has been a client of JMT since September 2003.

Sound Community Services

Sound Community Services believes in the endless possibilities that can be harnessed simply by access to hope – hope in recovery, hope in progress, and hope in the future. At Sound Community Services, they dedicate their days to providing a culture of compassion and human connection that fosters hope through support, education, and opportunity. And while the statistics inspire their mission, they do not define it. Theirs is a mission defined by passion, intention, inclusion, diversity an enriched connection to our community, those they serve and a belief that any statistic can be overcome when you dare greatly from the heart. Sound Community Services has been a client of JMT since December 2011.

Make the Road New York

Make the Road New York‘s model integrates four core strategies for concrete change:

  1. Legal and Survival Services to tackle discrimination, abuse and poverty;
  2. Transformative Education to develop community members’ abilities to lead our organization, our movement, and society;
  3. Community Organizing to transform the systems and power structures impacting our communities; and
  4. Policy Innovation to rewrite unjust rules and make our democracy truly accountable to all of us.

Make the Road New York has been a client of JMT since November 2013.

Caring for Denver Foundation

Caring for Denver Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization founded by and for Denver that address Denver’s mental health and substance misuse needs by growing community-informed solutions, dismantling stigma, and turning the community’s desire to help into action. Caring for Denver Foundation has been a client of JMT since September 2019.

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