Technology Working in Favor of Nonprofits


Have you ever postponed investing in a new accounting system for your nonprofit because of the cost to buy or add new servers?

Or maybe your organization doesn’t have a large (any) IT department to support replacing or upgrading to a better accounting solution and so you’ve made due with the system that you have (inadequate as it may be).

You’re not alone.  But here’s some good news:  new options are available to nonprofits that take advantage of hosting and Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS).

In addition to traditional, powerful, on-premise fund accounting like Sage MIP Fund Accounting, JMT Consulting Group has added two more options for nonprofits.

Hosted Solutions – Sage MIP Fund Accounting is housed on servers on your behalf.  You access the applications via your desktop but there is no “backroom” in your office housing a stack of servers that would need to be purchased, maintained, upgraded, etc.  Because your solution is hosted, it’s pretty much ready to go – deployment is far less complication.  Likewise, you do not have to worry about the manpower and associated costs and hassles of upgrading the software each time there is patch, fix, of new version released.

Cloud Computing/SaaS – JMT Consulting Group added Intacct to our portfolio of solutions because we know just how beneficial and economical Cloud Computing would be for nonprofits.  Cloud computing offers all the same benefits of a hosted solution – rapid deployment, eliminating the need for IT with regards to upgrading and managing the solution, diminished costs associated with servers and new hardware, and accessible anywhere you have access to the internet.

The best part is that you don’t sacrifice any features or functionality with these solutions.

We like it when technological advances help nonprofits worry less about infrastructure, hardware and software and allow you to achieve your mission.

For more information, Tech Soup has a great article: Why Should Nonprofits Care About Cloud Computing?

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