Customer Spotlight: The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia


One of the most rewarding elements of our job is being able to assist individuals and organizations that are making the world a better place on a daily basis. JMT Consulting has had the honor of working exclusively with nonprofits for more than 20 years. Each of these organizations has their fair share of incredible stories and the impact of their work can be felt around the world.

We’re proud to be able to use our expertise to help nonprofits do their job more effectively and efficiently. At the end of the day, we understand that the better nonprofits’ systems work, the more people they’ll be able to help.  

A lot of times, the great work of these organizations can go unnoticed. And although none of them are doing it for accolades, it’s always good to highlight some of the unique ways that nonprofits serve the needs of surrounding communities. That’s why we’re starting a new series, “Customer Spotlight” to share some of the great work being done by our nonprofit customers.

This month’s customer spotlight is on the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia and the work they do for the Jewish community at home and abroad.

What does The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia Do?

For more than a century, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia (JFGP) has worked to accomplish three primary goals: convene the community, encourage and steward the generosity of donors, and make grants that meet critical needs.

The organization makes a difference in Jewish lives at home, in Israel and around the world. Whether it’s a child in need of education, or a Holocaust survivor seeking assistance, the group provides a safety net for all members. They also connect Jews from different backgrounds and generations, assist in schools and synagogues, and orchestrate Israel trips and cultural events.

As a member of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), the JFGP is part of a network of over 148 federations and 300 network communities throughout North America. JFNA raises and distributes more than $3 billion annually for social welfare, social services and educational needs.

What does JMT do for The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia?

JMT works with 25 total Jewish federations, and has been involved with JFGP for more than 10 years. The JFGP has 110 employees with a finance department of 11 members, and makes $48M in total public support and revenue.

We work with JFGP Controller, Duke Nave, who supervises and manages donor pledge accounting, endowment asset accounting, management of operating budget, and grant disbursement for the federation. Mr. Nave’s job is to ensure timely and accurate recordkeeping and reporting to management, the Jewish Federation Board, Finance Committee, and Audit Committee regarding the organization’s financial performance and condition.

10 years ago, JMT implemented Abila MIP for JFGP to provide a cost effective True Fund Accounting solution that would allow the federation to meet all regulatory, audit and funder requirements while providing a secure scalable platform for growth.

We’ve worked with JFGP ever since, and have developed a relationship of trust and support. Mr. Nave has said he appreciates the “personal touch” JMT provides with our services as well as our “approachable and professional” staff.

Mission to Israel

This year, JMT will also be sponsoring the JFNA 2017 Financial & Technology Professionals’ Institute mission to Israel. The mission brings together Federation professionals looking to deepen their understanding of Federation partners’ extraordinary work to support Israelis. During the mission, professionals will learn about the country’s business sectors through exclusive meetings with industry leaders. Travelers will explore the incredible diversity of cities and countryside that Israel has to offer, and they’ll get to see — firsthand — what it takes to serve the global community.

JMT is grateful for the opportunity to assist JFNA on this important journey, and we look forward to providing continued support for JFGP for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about how JMT is helping other nonprofits accomplish their mission, check out this page!

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