3 Characteristics of a Best-In-Class ERP Solution


Three Characteristics to Consider the Next Time You’re Looking for a New ERP Solution for Your Nonprofit

Identifying a business solution that is best fit to meet the needs of an organization is often a daunting task. To help simplify the search, we’ve highlighted a few characteristics to consider the next time you’re looking for a new Enterprise Resource Planning solution for your nonprofit.

Three characteristics of a best-in-class cloud-based ERP include:

  • Integration – Seamless connection with other business systems that manage financial planning and analysis, human resources, payroll, mobile employee expense and time tracking, automated invoice and payment processes, grant management, and more.
  • Automation – Rather than waste time in spreadsheets, trying to get data in the right place and in the right form, workflows and automated processes allow for your time to be spent more efficiently on analysis, strategic planning, and other work that best serves your organization.
  • Visibility – Features such as dashboards, real-time reports, and drill-down into details enables timely analysis and data-driven decision-making.

At JMT, we thoroughly vet the market for solutions that meet these criteria, which is why we confidently recommend Sage Intacct as a cloud financial management solution to our clients.

Watch this video to learn what makes Sage Intacct the top ERP choice for nonprofits, and how it meets and exceeds the qualifications of a best-in-class cloud-based ERP by enabling users to:

  • Easily track, manage, and analyze key data such as funds, grants, budgets, etc.
  • Go beyond dollars and cents by having access to KPIs and other metrics in order to tell the deeper story of your organization
  • Create and customize dashboards and reports with real-time data for stakeholders
  • Eliminate manual data entry, risk, and Excel spreadsheets

ERP software selection made easy.

Searching for a new ERP solution for your nonprofit? As experts in nonprofit accounting software, we can help you evaluate and identify the best tool to meet your organization's unique needs and budget. Connect with our team today!

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