ADP + Sage Intacct: A Powerful Partnership for Nonprofits


Every Nonprofit Needs to Excel at Managing Staff and Money

Problems with either can compromise the core mission and put an organization in jeopardy. Yet many nonprofits struggle with human resources and accounting because they direct as many resources as possible into altruism and as few resources as necessary into administration.

That’s where technology comes in. The right solutions for human resources and accounting empower a nonprofit with the world-class capabilities they need to run their organization perfectly.

JMT Partners with ADP HR Software

ADP offers a complete toolkit for human capital management (HCM). That includes solutions for payroll, time & attendance, talent, benefits, and outsourcing: everything a nonprofit needs to manage all its staff and volunteers, including the ability to handle in-depth grant tracking requirements.

Sage Intacct fulfills the need for a complete financial management solution that’s robust enough to meet all accounting needs and specialized enough for the particulars of nonprofit accounting. It’s a vast upgrade over QuickBooks and spreadsheets, and it’s suitable for any organization on an upward trajectory.

Individually impressive, these two solutions work even better together. A formal partnership between ADP and Sage Intacct means they integrate seamlessly with one another through API. Thanks to that partnership, running a nonprofit has never been easier.

Exploring the Integration Between ADP and Sage Intacct

To fully understand the potential of having integrated HR and accounting systems, it’s important to know how the integration works.

After implementing the core versions of both Sage Intacct and ADP, our expert consultants can work with ADP on your behalf to facilitate a seamless integration between the two systems.The average integration takes about a month, however time frames will vary because users can integrate more or less components depending on their needs.

Options include:

  • Employee Data – Changes to employee records in ADP automatically update Sage Intacct contact and employee record.
  • General Ledger Data – Journal entries from the ADP GL work seamlessly with entries in the Sage Intacct GL.
  • Employee Reimbursements – Expense report data travels between both systems. Expenses are sent from Sage Intacct to ADP for payment and ADP sends back the recording of the reimbursement.
JMT Consulting, ADP, and Sage Intacct
JMT Consulting partners with ADP + Sage Intacct
  • Inbound/Outbound Time – The push or pull of timesheet data to Sage Intacct from ADP or from Sage Intacct to ADP.
  • Dimensions Sync – Dimensions stay synced between systems so that data travels back and forth without getting disorganized.

A nonprofit only needs the employee data and GL data components to integrate, but it can opt for all these capabilities and create a deep link between HR and accounting, the foundations of nonprofit management.

In whatever form the integration takes, the benefits are the same: nonprofits stop manually moving data between systems, which saves time, eliminates errors, and extends visibility into both HR and accounting. Greatest of all, they have a seamless source of record for their most important and fast-moving data.

It doesn’t make sense to isolate HR and accounting given how much overlap exists between the two. ADP and Sage Intacct agree. The native integration between the two products gives nonprofits a complete solution for their biggest administrative hurdles – and the means to accomplish their most ambitious objectives.

For more information about what an integrated ADP and Sage Intacct can do for a nonprofit, turn to the nonprofit tech experts at JMT Consulting. As official partners of both solutions, we have unique insights into how nonprofits can leverage the integration to the fullest and how to facilitate an affordable and seamless transition. Contact us to get in touch with our solutions consultants today.