How to Submit a Sage Intacct Enhancement Request


Do you have an idea for a feature or setting in Sage Intacct that you want to see included in future releases? 

No matter how powerful a system is, there is always room for new features that can help make your job easier, faster, or give you greater insights into your organization. Sage Intacct’s Idea Center allows users to post original ideas, as well as search and vote for enhancement requests made by others.

How it Works

1. Log into the Intacct Community Portal.

2. Use the search bar at the top of the page to look up enhancement ideas that have been posted. Once you find a topic/idea that you like, simply click the “Up” arrow next to the post to promote it and inform Intacct of increasing support for that idea.

3. Post a new idea to the portal for others to upvote by clicking the “Post a new idea button” on the home page.

Don’t have access to the Sage Intacct Community Forum?

Reach out to our support team at and they’ll get you set up with an account. 

Cast Your Vote for Sage Intacct Enhancements

The following ideas are ones that our experts have identified as functionalities that would help maximize user efficiency within Sage Intacct. Help us get them noticed and into consideration by Sage Intacct by upvoting them within the Sage Intacct Community Idea Forum

JMT Consulting - How to Submit a Sage Intacct Enhancement Request
  1. Reversal approval for journal entry
  2. Confusion on attachments terminology
  3. Approval for recurring journal entries
  4. Bank Reconciliation Approvals
  5. Ability to inactivate items in User Defined Dimensions
  6. AP Ledger report group and total by offset account
  7. Ability to require approval of Cash Management Entries
  8. Purchasing setting to lock amount field after approval
  9. Dark mode
  10. Sort ACH payments by Check # when using Print Payment Copies
  11. Restrict Attachments based on rights to view transaction
  12. Ability to Edit Custom Reports from Reports Center
  13. Toggle setting for offset account for overpayments
  14. Parent / Child project custom report enhancement
  15. Transaction Department Approval needed to accept multiple Department IDs in one transaction
  16. Confusion on attachments terminology
  17. Delegations for all approvals
  18. AP Bill – Custom Document Format
  19. Receive payment view needs all dimensions if applicable
  20. Refund/ability to write a check to Customers
  21. Allow Ability to Add/Delete/Change GL Categories
  22. Add attachments to custom views
  23. Email custom documents to vendors
  24. Ability to add an attachment to items being printed/emailed
  25. View Supporting documents in all modules
  26. Ability to pull reports with “Selected” and “Pending” bank reconciliation status
  27. Add Money Market Account as a possible account in Cash Management
  28. Restrict duplicate Vendor Document Numbers in Purchasing
  29. Contact e-mails available to choose from when e-mailing reports
  30. Have a custom filter for Bank Reconciliation
  31. Ability to select pay by parent for vendors
  32. Modify Payment Notification Emails
  33. Remittance forms for Accounts Payable should print on plain paper
  34. Turn Check Stub OFF and Produce Separate Remittance
  35. Customizable Bill Remittance Emails
  36. Enter a customer advance to undeposited funds with payment type record transfer
  37. Toggle/setting to change exchange rate date basis in Aging report
  38. Custom Allocation Fields should be available for all import templates
  39. Company Allocations – UDD on Import Template 
  40. Transaction Department Approval needed to accept multiple Department IDs in one transaction
  41. Allocations within Other Receipts
  42. Option to notify user when purchasing transactions are approved and ready to be converted
  43. Add payment date within 1099 canned report
  44. Show vendor name in bill approval notifications
  45. Allow Smart Rules to reference date fields plus or minus a certain number of days
  46. Option to send reminder for PO’s to be converted