Transforming Nonprofit Finance with Sage Intacct: James Beard Foundation


In the ever-evolving world of nonprofit organizations, maximizing efficiency and achieving financial clarity is crucial. James Beard Foundation, a client of JMT Consulting, understands the importance of having robust financial management solutions in place. The implementation of Sage Intacct has yielded remarkable results, transforming how James Beard Foundation manages their finances and allowing them to focus their resources on what matters most – their mission.

Challenges Faced:

Prior to Sage Intacct, James Beard Foundation faced a number of challenges in managing their finances:

  • Manual processes: Significant growth has led to even more manual work being done.
  • Limited visibility: Difficulty accessing real-time financial data hindered informed decision-making.
  • Fragmented data: Information was stored in various systems, making consolidated reporting and analysis cumbersome.

The Solution:

James Beard Foundation partnered with JMT Consulting to implement Sage Intacct, the fastest-growing, most robust nonprofit financial management solution available. The software offered several key features that addressed their specific needs:

  • Automation: Streamlined workflows by automating routine tasks, freeing up staff time for higher-level activities.
  • Real-time reporting: Provided instant access to financial data, enabling data-driven decisions and improved financial transparency.
  • Centralized platform: Integrated various data sources into a single system, simplifying financial reporting and analysis.

The Impact:

Since implementing Sage Intacct, James Beard Foundation has experienced significant improvements in their financial management:

  • Increased efficiency: Automated workflows have freed up staff hours, allowing them to focus on core initiatives.
  • Enhanced transparency: Real-time access to data provides better insights into financial health and enables informed decision-making.
  • Improved reporting: Streamlined reporting processes have saved time and resources.

A Client Success Story:

James Beard Foundation’s success story serves as a testament to the transformative power of Sage Intacct. In the video collaboration with Sage, they share their experience and the positive impact the software has had on their organization.


By investing in the right financial management solution, nonprofit finance professionals and nonprofit organizations like the James Beard Foundation can gain valuable tools to streamline operations, improve financial transparency, and ultimately, dedicate more resources to their mission-critical work. If your organization is facing similar challenges, contact us to explore solutions like Sage Intacct and unlock the full potential of effective financial management for nonprofits.

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